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CubeIQ in the Security Products Market

CubeIQ Limited
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CubeIQ Limited with its engagement over the years with security products has significantly evolved to offer an extensive range of security products and solutions covering almost any specific individual client or industry needs.

We protect access with Physical Security & Access Control, Logical Security with Strong - Multifactor Authentication.
We provide Identity Assurance Solutions & Electronic Identity Documents. We deliver Secure Issuance Solutions, Government-to-Citizen ID Solutions and Visitor Management.
Embedded Secure Token Solutions is one of the technologies we offer to OEM.
Cryptographic Devices & Hardware Security Modules – HSMs for Payment, PKI and General Purpose are available for financial institutions, certification authorities and anyone needing to encrypt sensitive data.
We build PKIs and CAs, Issue and Validate Electronic Signatures and Certificates.
We create solutions for Seamless Database Encryption, Encryption of Structured and Unstructured digital data when they are created accessed, shared, stored, and moved and Real-time Encryption of High Speed Networks & Voice.
We protect in multiple layers Data Centers and Cloud-based Infrastructures.
We facilitate operations with centralized Key Management and Tokenization Systems.
We secure the perimeter with End point security systems.
We maintain and increase profitability with Intellectual Property Protection and Digital Rights Management systems.

We cooperate with leading international security products manufacturing companies such as Cryptomathic A/S, HID Global Inc. and SafeNet Inc.

We augmenting and extending their products portfolio with our software solutions, our know-how, and our professional services and we are creating unique solutions in the security market. The majority of our products offerings, where require, have certifications from FIPS, Common Criteria – EAL, NIST, FIPS 201/201-2 and FICAM.

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