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Banking Solutions from CubeIQ® and HID®

CubeIQ Limited

Banking institutions require to meet the customer demand, providing differentiated products with the development of lower-cost digital platforms while offering supreme protection and the strongest identification authentication management.

CubeIQ® and HID® offer a comprehensive solutions portfolio.

HID® Approve™: A push-notification multi-factor authentication solution for mobile devices. HID Approve™ is a next-generation multi-factor authentication solution that combines the security of public key-based cryptography with the convenience of mobile push notifications.

HID® Risk Management™: It is a next generation real-time profiling technology cyber threat and fraud detection solution, based on data analytics, that protects against traditional as well as modern threats targeting online and mobile banking, transaction systems and sensitive applications.

HID® ActivID™: Versatile multi-factor authentication server to secure access to critical infrastructure.

HID® ActivID® One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens: Portable, easy-to-use One-Time-Password (OTP) Tokens to strengthen access security.

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