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HID ActivID® Credential Management System - CMS 5.0

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HID ActivID® Credential Management System (CMS) 5.0, the latest offering to simplify the process of securely managing the deployment of high assurance credentials such as smart card, smart USB tokens, virtual smart cards and mobile credentials.

An integral component of HID PIV Express™ and HID PIV Enterprise™ solution, ActivID® CMS is the only offering in the industry that makes it possible for organizations to create, manage and use a single PKI smart card for both logical and physical access – using an integrated solution from a single vendor.

ActivID® CMS 5.0 offers:
  • Increased security, stability and performance: ActivID® CMS 5.0 transitions from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture and includes a complete refresh of its system dependencies, providing a more robust and scalable platform that customers can rely on.
  • Support for Windows Virtual Smart Cards: ActivID® CMS 5.0 issues and manages Windows Virtual Smart Cards on Windows 10 devices, leveraging their built-in Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs). This new capability enables organizations to use strong PKI credentials without the need to deploy physical smart cards and readers, which may be considered too expensive or not practical to deploy. Windows Virtual Smart Cards can be used on desktops, laptops or tablets.

Windows Virtual Smart Cards provide strong authentication, digital signature and encryption services, and are compatible with any application based on the Microsoft crypto platform.
The following use cases are supported:
  • Windows Logon
  • Remote sessions (with Microsoft RDP, Citrix or VMware)
  • VPN (many vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Check Point, Juniper)
  • Web Access (with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge)
  • Email signature and encryption (with Microsoft Outlook)
  • Document signature (with Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat)

With ActivID® CMS, organizations can easily manage a mixed deployment of physical and virtual smart cards.
  • Support for Credentials on Mobile Devices – Derived PIV Credentials: With ActivID® CMS 5.0, HID offers a preview of support for mobile devices, which will be evolving later this year.
  • Support for iOS native crypto store: ActivID® CMS 5.0 enables organizations to issue and manage PKI credentials on Apple mobile devices, leveraging the iOS native and FIPS 140-certified crypto store. Once issued, these PKI credentials can provide strong authentication services with any application supporting the iOS native crypto store, such as Safari and Apple Mail. Organizations deploying smart cards as “primary” credentials can issue mobile credentials as “derived” credentials, leveraging the identity vetting that happened prior to the issuance of the primary credentials. Later this year, ActivID® CMS will enable US government agencies deploying FIPS 201-compliant PIV cards to deploy mobile credentials as FIPS 201-compliant “derived PIV credentials”.
  • Latest Environment Support: ActivID® CMS 5.0 now supports the latest environments such as Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

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