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Financial Instant Issuance Market Drivers

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In the past, the need for expensive card personalization equipment has made in branch financial instant issuance service impractical. Now, with CIIS™ an Instant Issuance solution from CubeIQ which operates with several core banking and card management systems but also as a stand-alone product, Banks, Financial Institutions, Credit Card Companies, Credit Unions and Independent Service Providers can issue and personalize cards simply, easy and cost-effectively.

Instantly issue cards to your customers
Now you can produce ATM, cash, debit and credit, VISA™, MasterCard™ , AMEX™ and JCB™ compliant cards for your customers while they wait, in a matter of minutes. CubeIQ’s Card Instant Issuance System – CIIS™ card issuance and personalization system delivers ready-to-use cards in a fast, secure operation. CIIS™ ideal solution for banks, credit card companies, retailers and any organization looking to enhance its ser vices and increase customer loyalty.

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction
Issuing bankcards instantly eliminates the time, expense and risk associated with sending personalized cards via the mail. In addition, instead of asking customers to wait several days or weeks to receive their cards, you can deliver the cards immediately. This is a great way to demonstrate a higher level of branch automation and satisfy your customer needs of immediate card delivery.

Train customers on using your products and services
Using CIIS™ you have an excellent opportunity to train your customers and walk them through the actual process of using their cards. Customers who are comfortable and confident with your products and services are more likely to use them immediately.

Utilize valuable one-to-one communication time
Delivering cards to your customers personally creates a major opportunity to talk about other products and services. During card usage training, you can describe related products and suggest services that you offer. This one-to-one communication makes customers feel confident in doing business with your organization, increases their loyalty, while creating new selling opportunities for you.

Personalization options to choose from
Standard magnetic stripe encoding, EMV smart card personalization, top and bottom indent printing, are some of the personalization options to choose from. Financial card personalization machines from the most popular manufacturers are an integral part of CIIS™ are designed for immediate decentralized issuance of plastic cards. Financial card embossers/printers certified to work in CIIS™ support all that is required for the personalization of proprietary ATM, cash, debit and credit, VISA™, MasterCard™ , AMEX™ and JCB™ compliant cards.

Security features
CIIS™ and certified financial card personalization machines include several security features to guard against card theft and fraud.  Cabinet lock protects against unauthorized access. System software access by user name and password, centralized user and user rights management, centralized time restriction on system usage, status log of all actions, automatic trail audit and centralized plastic card electronic inventory are some of the security features that protect you card stock against malicious attacks.

Smooth EMV Migration
Starting from 2011 and 2012, when American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa announced their roadmaps for supporting a chip-based EMV payments infrastructure, USA Financial Institutions are migrating to EMV technology. Although, based on networks schedule, fraud liability shifts to card issuing institutions on October 2015, still a large number of card issuers have not migrated their card issuing and personalization systems and processes to EMV technology. CIIS™ offers an easy, direct and seamless solution to EMV migration problem because as it supports full EMV card personalization at the branch level, when is deployed the deploying institutions is capable immediately to issue /reissue cards with EMV technology without the difficulty and complexity to upgrade the central card personalization systems to EMV technology within the strict deadlines.  

From the leaders in card issuance applications
CIIS™ ease-of-use, versatility and reliable performance together with our certified financial card personalization machines have made CIIS™ the industry leading solution. In the Banking and Financial Services Industry CIIS™ EMV smart card-enabled solution offers flexibility that address multiple layers of security requirements. Improved security can enable more efficient back-office operations and customer service.

In 2014, approximately 14,000 bank branches deployed instant issuance systems, with this number expected to grow to over 37,000 by 2018 (Source: Aite Group).

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