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Electronic Signature Technology Implementation in Banks and Insurance Companies

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Implementation of Electronic Signature technology in banks, insurance companies and financial institutions increases customer service quality, increases process automation and decreases operating cost.

Biometric signature technology has been well established at banks, financial institutions and insurance companies for many years. This process fulfils all of the criteria for a legally binding electronic signature in accordance with the EU Digital Signature Directives. The legal quality of this sophisticated signature type is recognized today by all financial service providers and insurers and is therefore used on a daily basis.

With signature pads and CubeIQ’s signature management solutionς, branch officers and customer service representatives can provide their customers with application documents (for new account, card, loan etc.) or electronic claims documents and customers can sign them electronically. This is a significantly faster process than signing regular paper documents.

Also, in everyday interactions with customers at a Bank branch, the signature pad-based process has the advantage that the customer signs with the usual methodology while the Bank can maintain an electronic document management workflow with documents electrically signed from customers. This is a significantly lower cost process than signing regular paper documents.

When an electronic form is filled at the Bank branch counter and the customer signs electronically using a signature pad he receives immediately a copy. At same time the Bank has a signed electronic version of the form that can be processed in its internal workflow systems immediately and without any media discontinuations.

In case complete systems integration is required in order to avoid any media discontinuations the proposed approach is to purchase an integrated system from a vendor that can provide both hardware – signature pads and signature management software solutions.

CubeIQ and Signotec which is considered the European leading signature pads manufacturer and software developer can provide such integrated solution consisted from signature pads and signature management software.  With a full range of real signature and PEN display pads in various sizes and configurations and SignoSign, our software platform which has been long considered the European standard of electronic signature processing using signature pads, tables, mobile phones and PCs we can provide a full integrated solution for electronic signature processing.

Our technology guaranties that while signer signs on the pen pad extremely flat construction and ergonomic surface the software ensures that the signature is being captured and digitized and its static visual properties and the signatory’s individual handwriting characteristics are securely incorporated in the document.

Writing speed, writing direction the number of breaks, script width and size, pressure, coordinates of the signature with a rate of 500 samples per second and other parameters are all dynamic, biometric characteristics that are captured and can be used to authenticate the signer. Our high security level ensures that data transfers between signature pads and the hosting device (PC) is protected, making it impossible for unauthorized parties to access the biometric data. This has been verifies by independent experts receiving the official TÜV seal certifying that the integrated solution for electronic signatures processing consisted of pads and software is 100% secure.

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