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A Holistic Approach to GDPR Compliance

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CubeIQ can help organizations meet their obligations under GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679, by implementing a holistic approach to GDPR compliance.

Our approach is separated in two stages:
Stage one, data risk assessment, is to assess organization’s risk from personal data management due to GDPR. This is accomplished by registering and analyzing all organization's business processes that are related to personal data management, presenting in a visual manner where (data storage), who (data access) and how (data processing) private data are managed.
Stage two, data risk remediation, is to apply tools, methods and processes that will create an agile but robust data protection framework which will lead organizations to GDPR compliance. Our tools arsenal contains from data protection and encryption, to communication encryption, to multi factor authentication to physical and logical access control, to digital rights management, to end point security.
GDPR has been identified as the toughest privacy regulation in the world and the most significant privacy regulation since the initial Data Protection Directive that was launched in 1995. GDPR was voted in April 2016 and will take effect on May 25, 2018.
It gives the power back to individuals on how their personal and private data are processed and has the most significant implication to any local or global organization that is storing or managing personal information of EU citizens.

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